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Week Beginning December 21, 2009

Raymond MerrimanThis week’s column will be shorter than usual due to preparation time needed for Sunday’s worldwide webcast of the Forecast 2010 presentation. If you are interested in joining this webcast with approximately 100-120 other viewers from all over the world, please call us between 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, EST, on Saturday to reserve. After that, we will reopen again for reservations only between 10:00 am – 11:30 EST on Sunday. The presentation will begin at 1:00 PM on Sunday.

We would also like to wish all of our subscribers and weekly readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season these next few days, regardless of your religious, philosophical, and/or political beliefs. This is the Winter Solstice, and astrologically it is a time to reflect on the past year as well as to make plans for the New Year. The ability to plan ahead is a gift from God that should be taken advantage of by everyone, and is one reason why the study of the heavens – astrology – is so useful. Astrology is a marvelous tool for planning.

Holidays are also a wonderful time for human interaction. But they are not usually the best of times for trading. Much like Mercury retrograde periods, or time frames involving planetary aspects with Uranus, holiday periods frequently see prices of markets rising above resistance or falling below support, only to suddenly swing back the other way. This holiday season involves both of those factors, for Uranus is now in a square aspect to Uranus (December 19) and Mercury begins another retrograde trek from December 26 through January 15. But even beyond that, Saturn is in opposition to Uranus from November 4, 2008 through July 26, 2010. Have you noticed that markets are a lot more difficult to trade via conventional technical studies involving support and resistance levels in the past year?

This is a particularly potent time in the heavens right now. However, due to the holiday season upon us, trading volume will be lower than usual and dramatic price movements may not be as prominent as would otherwise be expected.

This current period in particular finds not only Venus is a square aspect to Uranus, but also the 25-month cycle of Mars turning retrograde (December 20-March 10), and the final passage of the 14-year Jupiter-Neptune conjunction cycle (May 27-December 21, 2009). What do we know symbolically about these two signatures that may be useful in our trading strategy?

As reported in the now out-of-print “Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles,” Mars retrograde stations have coincided with some of the most impressive reversals and contra-trend moves in Gold prices. There are several cases where a trend has been in force, only to reverse within ten trading days of Mars turning retrograde. The contra-trend move then continues into a two-week period surrounding the date when Mars turns direct, and then the trend returns to it former direction too. It doesn’t happen all the time, but often enough that it has to be watched carefully. When a reversal does occur near either the retrograde or direct date of Mars, that high or low oftentimes remains solid a support or resistance for several weeks, and even years. The previous all-time high in Gold, for example, happened in mid-January 1980. The market then fell for about ten weeks until it went direct, after which the market resumed its bullish course for several months. The high in mid-January 1980 was not seen again for 28 years. That low at the time of the direct date was not seen again for the next 12 months. There have been other cases like that in Gold coinciding with Mars retrograde and its direct stations.

This Mars retrograde may be especially important for Gold since it is occurring in Leo, the sign of Gold. This precious metal has recently made an all time high of 1227 on December 2. But as we head into the retrograde of this weekend, Gold has already fallen over $130, or 10.6%, in just two weeks. Will Mars retrograde correlate with that high of December 2, and be later viewed as in a contra-trend decline for the next 10 weeks? Or will it find support here, and rally strongly to new highs in these next 10 weeks? We may have an idea when we get through the next ten trading days.

Much, of course will depend on the U.S. Dollar, which appears to suddenly be gaining strength, after so many years of decline. The Euro currency, for instance, also made a secondary crest around December 4 at 1.5141 and has now fallen in its steepest decline since March-April 2009. It broke below 1.4300 on Friday temporarily. Has the Dollar bottomed and the foreign currencies against the Dollar now topped out? Or is this sharp decline almost over as we approach Mars retrograde, and we will now see another multi-month rally commence in the currencies against the Dollar? We can probably make a more definite statement as we complete the next ten trading days.

These signatures also pertain to geopolitical situations. Mars rules war and conflict. When it is stationary and turning retrograde, there is oftentimes much saber rattling. It is not considered a favorable time to initiate aggression, for the aggressor usually loses, or has to retreat.

But the other major aspect taking place this weekend is symbolically one of the most benevolent of all in the study of astrology. Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius presents a classical symbol of world peace, and the sense of good will towards all. It is wonderful season to be under such a cosmic influence. It is an ideal time for the politicians to go home and reflect on all the good things that are possible in the world and in America. It is a favorable time for them to lay down their swords. It is a favorable time for them to get some much needed rest, and replenish their spirits and visions for ways in which they can contribute to a better life on this planet.

Next year promises to be a significant turn for Humankind. Four of the five furthest out planets in our solar system will be changing signs. They will be moving from mutable (planning) signs into cardinal (action) signs. It is vitally important that they get the big picture right, for much is at stake. In many ways, 2010 may be considered the most important astrological year of our lifetime. And it is likely that the decisions made will have consequences for many, many years afterwards on the quality of life we will have. Of most importance, I think, will be May through September 2010, a time when Jupiter and Uranus will be in conjunction in early Aries, opposite Saturn, and in T-square to Pluto. It suggests a time of great speculation. But is the speculation based upon hope for a better future that can be sustained economically? Or is it based on the excesses that lead to bubbles, after which financial markets – and governments – collapse? It could be either. I don’t think the decisions have yet been made that have put into motion the cycle that will be.

I have my educated suspicions, and I have my spiritually-based hopes. And right now is the season for hopes. Happy holidays to all.

© Raymond A. Merriman


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