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Week Beginning March 1, 2010

Review and Preview

Raymond MerrimanMost of the world equity markets completed their 2-week rally by the early part of last week. They spent the rest of the week pausing, with a decline into a possible trading cycle low into Thursday or Friday, but not enough to significantly alter the market’s recent trend yet. But that could change this forthcoming week as Venus will conjunct Uranus on Wednesday, March 3. At the same time, the Moon will be in Libra (the sign that Venus rules) Tuesday-Thursday. Astrologically, this implies a culmination of the Venusian psychological dynamic. A reversal could follow in several financial markets.

Crude Oil traded right along with stocks, pausing after a two-week rally and going sideways into the end of the week. There was more action in Gold and Silver, which topped out last Monday as well, but then sold off into Thursday. They then staged a nice rally into Friday’s close. They may be advancing into the Mars direct period of March 10, a time that often coincides with explosive moves or reversals in many markets, like Gold.

All in all, February was indeed a rather benign month for stocks, crude oil, and precious metals following their lows of February 5. But now comes March, where the geocosmic picture is not so benign.

Short-Term Geocosmics

The major geocosmic signature present this week is Venus conjunct Uranus on Wednesday, March 3. This is a Level 1 geocosmic signature, according to studies presented in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.” It has a 72% historical rate of frequency to primary or greater cycles within an orb of 12 trading days. It is not likely to be a primary cycle crest, as it is too early for that to happen if this is a new primary cycle. But it could coincide with a primary cycle trough if it is an older primary cycle. You will know this is the case if the DJIA starts to break back below 10,000.

But Financial Astrology is not so simple as to depend upon only one isolated signature. We should also consider that after it conjuncts Venus, it will then make an opposition to Saturn on March 9, thus bringing into play the larger Saturn-Uranus opposition. Venus-Saturn in conjunction is also a Level 1 signature, which a 71% historical rate of frequency to primary or greater cycles within 13 trading days.

And it doesn’t end there either. Two trading days later on March 11, Venus will square Pluto, yet another Level 1 signature. This one has a 68% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 9 trading days. Basically what we have is Venus translating the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square, or the “Cardinal Climax” set up. For those who have been reading this column for many months, or even years, you know that powerful but rare astrological set up peaks in 2010. It hasn’t happened since 1930-1931. We can anticipate that the market climate of March 3-11 will provide a glimpse of the issues the world is struggling with under this momentous Cardinal Climax.

But even then it doesn’t end, for the transiting Sun will then make the same aspects to the same Cardinal Climax planets March 17-25. That is, the Sun will first conjunct Uranus, then make an opposition to Saturn, followed by a square to Pluto. Now you can see why March is setting up to be the most explosive month of this new year so far.

Longer-Term Thoughts

But what does it mean to the layman, the investor or trader who knows nothing about Financial Astrology? Let’s consider the dynamics associated with each of these planetary principles. First it is Venus that is first making the translation, which deals with currencies and stocks, as well as Sugar and Soybeans, Venus is “value,” or “price.” There are apt to be sharp price swings and a sudden change of valuations.

But what causes this? The first planet hit in each translation (of Venus and Sun) is Uranus. So something unexpected is happening. Uranus represents the principles of the unforeseen, that which was not anticipated. It hits with a surprise, “out of the blue,” so to speak. Uranus rules technology. It is in Pisces but about to enter the combative and military-conflicts sign of Aries, which also pertains to weapons as well as the world-wide web. Is there a cyber attack? Is there a launch of new missile, another “weapon of mass destruction?”

Saturn is next in line to be hit by Venus and the Sun. Saturn represents the principle of worry, contraction, delays. We have a rule that any market that is declining into a Saturn aspect represents a potential buying candidate. But sometimes markets rise into these aspects, and then sell off as the “bad news” comes out. With Saturn, there is a sense of “not enough.” With Venus involved, there is “not enough money,” or “currency” to pay for things.

And then it all ties in with Pluto, which I think is the key to everything economically going on today. Pluto is in Capricorn, and will be for another 14 years. Pluto, as you know, rules debt. It also rules taxes. It also pertains to threat to one’s lifestyle or even one’s life itself. There is the danger of harm during such heavy transits to Pluto, especially when Saturn and Uranus are also involved. In this case, I think we are realizing that the debt situation is indeed exploding, and perhaps getting out of control. When you consider that the ceiling for the national debt has been raised from first $9 trillion a few months ago, to $14 trillion now, it is alarming. That’s a growth of over 50% in a little over 6 months if I understand this correctly. That accelerated rate cannot last much longer without serious consequences. It certainly can’t wait for the so called ‘spending freeze” recently announced, to start in 2012. Even Ben Bernanke brought out the seriousness of the situation (i.e. excessive government spending and debt) in this week’s reports to Congress.

This is not likely a pleasant time for politicians or bankers. Venus rules agreement and acceptance. Saturn and Pluto together can represent a feeling of rejection, a severe drop in popularity. In this case, it may be a shift from unpopularity to downright repulsion.

The population of many world nations wants it leaders to make wise decisions right now, not in 2012, when it will probably be too late. They want their political leaders to hear their voices, and for opposing sides to find common ground and make decisions that move societies forward, even if it means sacrifices. But they aren’t likely to do it in March. Instead they are likely to be divided more than ever, resulting in more gridlock, more debt, and consequent further loss of popularity. It is hard to see how equity markets will rise during this period. But then again, the market always seems to find a way to climb that wall of worry.

At some point, an even bigger shift occurs in the political landscape, probably due to desperation. I suspect that will be when Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries in late May through June. Until then, politicians would be well advised to steer clear of forcing issues that don’t have broad bipartisan support. To force an issue through under these aspects, like health care reform for instance, when the climate is so polarized, would be like trying to put a fire out with gasoline. It might be better to address the debt and economy first. After all, a large part of the disagreement is over the future cost projections. Solve that first, and then it might become more apparent what can be afforded with regard to health care reform (which is really more about sickness care).

There will be ideas forthcoming, but perhaps not until the planets of enlightenment and “bigger thinking” (Jupiter and Uranus in Aries) come into play. Then when they return by retrograde to the altruistic and humanistic sign of Pisces after summer, a more bipartisan and universal health reform proposal can move forward. It’s an idea whose time has come. Everybody wants it (except the medical insurance companies and malpractice lawyers). But how to do it? I am not so sure the clear path forward can be known before Jupiter and Uranus enter Pisces. Uranus in late Pisces is far from being the time when “right action” is known (now through late May). And it might be a disaster to force it before the and clarity comes.

© Raymond A. Merriman


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