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Week Beginning March 22, 2010

Review and Preview

Raymond MerrimanIf you looked only at the Dow Jones Industrial Average last week, you would think the stock markets of the world were truly bullish. Once again the DJIA soared to a new yearly high on Friday, reaching nearly 10,820. But the index sold off to close the week nearly 80 points lower at 10,742. But no other stock indices in the Americas made new yearly highs on Friday. Both the S&P and NASDAQ Composite posted yearly highs on Wednesday, March 17, which is significant itself. That was the day of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, a signature that was given special attention in last week’s column, which stated, “The conjunction of Sun and Uranus on March 17 is especially potent in many financial markets. According to the studies published in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to trading Cycles,” this is a Level One (strongest) signature with an 83% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 14 trading days. Since we are rising into it, one might anticipate a primary cycle crest.”

The S&P and NASDAQ Composite weren’t the only stock markets that put in their weekly highs on Wednesday. And in the case of several, those weekly highs were still not above the highs of January. In South America, both the Merval and Bovespa made highs on Wednesday, but neither exceeded their highs of early January. In Asia and the Pacific Rim, the Hang Seng and Japanese Nikkei made their weekly highs on Wednesday, and again they were lower than their highs of January (in the case of the Hang Seng, the yearly high of November 18 still stands). The NIFTY of India and All ordinaries of Australia made their weekly highs on Friday, but in both cases, they were below the highs of early January.

The European indices were another story altogether. Like the DJIA, London’s FTSE and Zurich’s SMI indices made new yearly highs on Friday. But the AEX of Netherlands made a weekly high on Wednesday while the DAX of Germany made its weekly high on Friday, but both were well short of their yearly highs attained last January. The MICEX of Moscow made a weekly high on Thursday, but again it was well below its January high. In each region, then, we have continued cases of intermarket bearish divergence, with several making at least weekly highs within three trading days of the powerful Sun-Uranus conjunction of March 17.

March 17 was not only important to stock indices of the world, but to a slew of other financial and commodity markets. U.S. treasuries peaked for the week on March 17. So did Gold and Silver, European currencies against the U.S. Dollar, and Crude Oil. Each then sold off rather sharply into Friday’s close.

Short-Term Geocosmics

In the United States, this is the time of the year known as “March Madness,” an apt description of the college basketball tournaments, which began on Thursday. Uranus is considered a planetary transit coincident with madness too, or at least a time of very irrational, unconventional thinking, behavior, and bizarre, unexpected events (we call them “upsets” in sports… makes you wonder if the politics in effect right now are a reflection of the same March Madness, and prone to the same degree of unexpected upsets). In other words, we are living in a week of madness, and the financial markets of the world behaved according to the cosmic script last week. So did the political drama and theatre. However, it is not over yet, because the Sun-Uranus conjunction was part of the new moon in Pisces that unfolded last week, and it will continue in effect as the Spring Equinox (Spring Ingress chart) unfolds this week. In other words, the lunation cycle and the seasonal ingress cycle both contain the Sun-Uranus conjunction., Not only that, but the Ingress chart contains the Sun-Uranus making a T-square with Saturn and Pluto too. If you want an inside look at how these aspects manifest as something strange, unusual, unconventional, innovative, and perhaps just a little to the edge of bizarre, just look at the manner in which Congress is setting about in its effort to pass the Sickness Care Reform bill this weekend. If you live in the United States, you know what I am talking about. If you live in a country that already has universal health care, you probably are scratching your head wondering what is up with the United States. No one understands this, and at last, after being given 72 hours to read the 2562-page document that is proposed as being the new law on the subject, Congress will vote on it this Sunday, the Sabbath, right in the middle of Lent. Has anything remotely as bizarre as this ever happened before in the U.S. government? Well, it is not every week that you get a new moon, a Spring equinox, and the start of March Madness, all at the same time the Sun is transiting the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Climax planets of 2010. I suspect the last time this happened was in 1930-1931.

The stock markets? Let’s see if they will reverse now under these reversal signatures, or if they will continue to soar and lift all the markets to new yearly highs, in line with the idea of March Madness. The Sun enters Aries this weekend, March 20-21. It is the beginning of spring. It is a cardinal sign, and cardinal represents the urge to take action. It is not unusual for financial markets that have been in a trend to take a counter-trend action around these equinox points.

Longer-Term Thoughts

Another interesting correlation to today’s far out planetary pattern has to do with Saturn in square to Pluto. Here we are, in the USA, about to have a historic vote on Health Care legislation. This is right in the middle of the waning square between Saturn and Pluto (October 2009 through August 2010). The last time the USA came this close to passing a universal health care reform bill was in 1994. That, coincidentally, was the last time Saturn and Pluto were in a square aspect to one another. At that time, it was a waxing square. Now I have this theory, proposed in my work written a long time ago titled “Evolutionary Astrology: The Journey of the Soul through States of Consciousness” (Seek-It Publications, 1977, 1991), that waxing squares represent the pain of “birthing” something that is truly needed. The waning square, on the other hand, is the pain of realizing that something is coming to an end. It is terminal, and is about to become obsolete. The necessity is to start creating something that will replace that which is no longer serving its original and beneficial purpose in one’s life.

Now you would think this all about health care (really, sickness care) reform. But Saturn and Pluto are not to do with health or sickness care issues. That is more the domain of Jupiter and Uranus in the compassionate sign of Pisces, and Saturn still to return to health conscious sign of Virgo. The bigger issue with Saturn and Pluto is debt, deficits and balancing budgets. The lesson here, I believe, under the waning square with Saturn and Pluto is the realization that the way this country deals with its finances is obsolete, terminal, and in need of a major overhaul. If you think this health care reform legislation was a difficult act to witness, wait until the Christopher Dodd Financial Banking Reform law comes up next.

Saturn and Pluto tell us an era is ending over the next ten years. But what exactly is going to replace it that will help opposing sides come to a point of agreement and civility – and sanity of behavior and actions – towards one another? What is going to assure our financial security for the future, both as individuals and as a nation? This will be the challenge for the leaders of not just the United States, but of all major nations in 2010. The center of the Cardinal Climax is approaching quickly. Solutions need to be found soon, especially in terms of finances, which means solving the out-of-control debt problems, and not intensify further debt explosion.

© Raymond A. Merriman


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