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Week Beginning May 3, 2010

Review and Preview

The Saturn-Uranus opposition of last Monday, April 26, coincided exactly to the date of a new bull market high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and some other world indices, like the NASDAQ Composite, Netherlands AEX, and German DAX. All other indices we track failed to make new highs, and many made new multi-week low instead last week. But after rallying into the Saturn-Uranus opposition of April 26, the DJIA suffered its greatest one day loss in nearly three months, as it plunged 213 points. After a triple digit rally Thursday, it then fell another 158 points on Friday, closing near the low of the week. It was a typical Mercury Rx week.

But it was also typical for the atypical Saturn-Uranus opposition aspect. This was the fourth of five passages of this 45-year configuration. The first three passages also coincided with important crests, followed by substantial declines. The first two instances were during the bear market that ended March 6, 2009. Those crests (November 4, 2008 and February 9, 2009) were followed by declines of over 1500 points in the following month. The third passage was in mid-September 2009, well after the bull market was underway. Again it coincided with a crest. But, since it was now a bull market, the ensuing decline lasted only two weeks and covered less than 500 points. Now we wait to see what correspondence this recent passage will pertain to. Up until last week, it was still a bull market. But the 11,258 high of last Monday was nearly an exact Fibonacci 61/8% retracement of the entire bear market decline from the all-time high of 14,198 on October 11, 2007, to the bear market low of 6470 on March 6, 2009, when Venus turned retrograde. Market technicians grant a great deal of importance to support or resistance zones that represent corrections of Fibonacci ratios, like 38.2 and 61.8%.

The cause of the stock market decline, as well as of currencies against the U.S. Dollar, was the rating downgrade of Greece’s debt to basically junk bond status. Yields on Greek treasuries soared last week, to over 15%. That was about three times the yield of the prior week. The same day the Senate conducted its grilling of Goldman Sachs executives over their role in the financial “Panic of 2008.” Goldman Sachs execs gave a woeful defense, and if anything, looked at least highly unethical as a firm that is suppose to care about the integrity of the financial community, let alone its own customers. It simply added fuel to the Congressional and White House desire to enact Senator Chris Dodd’s Financial and Banking Reform Overhaul bill. In the spirit of Saturn and Uranus in opposition, change is coming. It’s been coming, and it’s not about to let up.

In other markets, the Dollar soared last week. Yet in another example of Saturn in opposition to Uranus, Gold did not go opposite the Dollar. Typically Gold will go in the direction of currencies against the Dollar, because it is sold in U.S. Dollars throughout the world. But not this time, and also not with Mercury retrograde. With Uranus involved, and Mercury retrograde, nothing goes as expected, and things happen that are unexpected. Gold and the value of the U.S. Dollar are de-coupling their historic inverse relationship as the yellow metal rises against all currencies now, including the U.S. Dollar. This simply points to another fact supported by the principles of Saturn in opposition to Uranus: world finances are in a state of crisis. Gold performs well in such a crisis. It is approaching the $1200 mark again as the week ended, not that far from its all-time high of $1227.

Short-Term Geocosmics

We are now right in the middle of the three-week Mercury retrograde time band of April 19-May 11. As stated last week, “The middle of that period can also coincide with a market reversal, +/- 2 trading days. That equates to Friday, April 30. The rule is that any market that did not reverse around the time of the retrograde date will usually have a sudden turn around the middle of the retrograde period. It is very rare that a market makes it all the way through Mercury retrograde without a reversal of some importance.” As we look at various markets, we will note that currencies against the U.S. Dollar have been in a down trend and U.S. Treasuries and Gold in an uptrend. However, in the case of Gold, it did make a reversal from a low right at the time of the retrograde, so it need not be affected by the mid-Mercury reversal phenomenon.

Another geocosmic factor to watch for this week is the entrance of heliocentric (not geocentric) Mercury into Sagittarius, May 6-17. This is a signature of sharp price moves, especially in precious metals, and usually upwards, for at least 3-9 trading days. Usually it is not so bullish for stocks.

Longer-Term Thoughts

On the basis of Financial Astrology, one has to question whether or not Financial Regulatory Reform will be passed before the end of May, or even before the end of July, if at all. The Senate hearings of last week, and the SEC charges of fraud against Goldman Sachs, have all occurred during Mercury retrograde. This is a time when plans are proposed, but require some significant adjustments before passage. Or, if no changes are made before passage, then it turns out that the agreement does not work out the way it was intended, and there are harsh consequences to bear for the lack of correct foresight

But more important than Mercury retrograde (to a Financial Astrologer) is the fact four of the five major (slower moving) planets in our solar system (which includes Pluto) will be in early cardinal signs in late July. Right now three are still in the later degrees of mutable signs. Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — are the signs of action. Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and especially Pisces – are the signs of ideas and plans being hatched. Think of mutable signs as indicators of debate and discussion, of fine tuning something before it is launched. The launch itself is cardinal. But during the debate period, sides can become very polarized as a middle ground or compromise is sought. If attained, then the project gets life as the planets move into cardinal signs, If compromise and a “middle ground” is not achieved by the time planets go into cardinal signs, then the polarity escalates into dramatic action, even conflict and/or war.

In late May and early June, Jupiter and Uranus both move from Pisces into Aries. In late July, Saturn moves back in the cardinal sign of Libra from mutable Virgo. They will each be within a couple of degrees from a T-square to Pluto, already in early Capricorn. In terms of the political climate, this is apt to be a very hot summer. At its best, innovative and new solutions will be proposed that will end the gridlock over the acceptance of many bills before Congress, like Financial Regulatory and Immigration Reform (remember, the USA Jupiter is also in early Cancer, which pertains to relations with other nationalities, and it is being hit in grand square by the Cardinal Climax planets). In terms of weather conditions, it may also be a very hot summer, for there are no planets in water signs after late July through much of August (no water signs, no water). In terms of stock markets, equity values may explode upwards like a hot air balloon (or bubble). A lot of money can be made, and lot can be lost this summer, depending on one’s skills as a market timer.

Which brings it all back around to the value of Financial Astrology. For despite the fact that it is not a 100% correlation to stock market highs and lows, there is still nothing more reliable or more consistent as a leading indicator of reversals in the majority of financial markets that I have found through my years of personal experience. Did any other market timing study correctly forecast last week’s turning point of April 23-26 as a high in the U.S. stock markets? Financial Astrology did it via geocosmic aspects as well as lunar cycles. Financial Astrology (in fact, all of astrology) is literally a gift from heaven.

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