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Week Beginning May 31, 2010

Review and Preview

We never promised that it would be easy. But we did promise it would be exciting and fast.

Uranus entered Aries last Thursday evening, May 27 (Friday morning in Europe and Asia). Two days before, as the 84-year orbital planetary cycle moved through the last degree and even the couple of minutes arc of Pisces, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (and many other stock indices) fell to a new yearly low at 9774. It was sudden and fast. It didn’t stay there long (we said markets would move fast). By the end of the day, it was 275 points above that new low, perhaps marking the end to this present decline. The next day the DJIA went up another 135 points but then gave back 200 by the close. The next day it closed up nearly 300 points. And on Friday, it fell back 121 points. This is the nature of Uranus, to swing wildly back and forth. This is the nature of Jupiter too, to make large price movements each way. It is part of the nature of Aries too, an action sign which likes things to move fast.

Wouldn’t it be fitting that Uranus, in the last degree of Pisces, coincides with the end of a mini-bear market, and the start of a new bull market that will take stock indices to new yearly highs quickly? Well yes, it would be fitting, but it will not necessarily be the case, for with Uranus, you never know what to expect, other than surprises and the unexpected. From the perspective of this Financial Astrologer, the possibility of move up in the DJIA to 12,500 is about equal to the possibility of move down to 8500-9000 or slightly lower. I would not be surprised to see both levels attained this year yet. I am just not sure which comes first.

Thus one part of the astrological promise has been unfolding as expected. That is, the markets are wild, volatile, and experiencing very sharp price swings in which the lows fall much lower than anyone expects, and the rallies are much stronger than anyone expects, with the exception of Financial Astrologers. We expect this. We can claim accuracy for forecasting the volatility and wild price swings, which are likely to continue through much of the summer and possibly well beyond and into early next year. After all, Uranus will be in Aries for the next 7 years, and Jupiter will be mostly in Aries for the next year.

What we can’t claim credit for however is the direction of the stock market, at least not yet. It was, for instance, my bias that Jupiter and Uranus together in Aries would correlate with a powerful rally caused by excessive speculation, a characteristic of both planets, especially in Aries. That could still turn out to be the case, but what I didn’t anticipate correctly was that Greece (and now Spain) would be threatened with credit downgrades and possibly defaults so quickly in the year, and other countries in the Euro union might be in danger too, propelling investors to flock to U.S. Treasuries, causing a bubble there. I got the region for troubles right (Europe) and I got the idea of a bubble right. I just chose the wrong color. It is red, white and blue (US Treasuries and Dollar) and not green (stocks, with envy).

But the season of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries is not yet over. In fact, it is just beginning, as the stock market made a low on the last days of Uranus in Pisces. From May 30 through June 6, Jupiter will also be in the last minutes of Pisces, about to leap over into the new world of Aries. On June 8, they will kiss one another. In Aries, that kiss may be very passionate, coinciding with an explosion of emotions and activities over the next two weeks. But will it be love or war? In love or war, none of the basic rules of convention apply, which will be just fine with Uranus.

One final note before looking at next week. Financial Astrologers, like myself, are not always correct in the exact details of how geocosmic signatures will actually bear out. Jupiter and Uranus in Aries did identify correctly the idea of bubbles and excessive speculation so far, but in the Dollar and Treasuries, not in stocks and precious metals yet as I had suggested (yes they have risen, but they have not really exploded yet, and they may or may not do so in the weeks ahead). The point is that Financial and Mundane Astrologers have a new bill of rights, proposed by NCGR (The National Council of Geocosmic Research). We reserve the right to be wrong occasionally in our best guesstimate of how the exact details will manifest. However, we understand that if we are wrong too often, our trade will be adversely affected. Our work demands that we be consistently accurate, but the limitations of human judgment make it allowable to be wrong occasionally… and still be better at forecasting than most other so-called “forecasting sciences.”

Now let’s see if these stocks markets will indeed embark on a torrent of buying and strong rallies, or will they fall to new bear market lows by the end of the year. Jupiter and Uranus in Aries could correspond to either, but I wouldn’t give up on the idea of an upward explosion yet.

Short-Term Geocosmics

What a line up ahead of us. In fact, we are in it, the fourth phase of the Cardinal Climax as discussed the prior two weeks. On Thursday, Uranus moved into Aries, a signal for new inventions, new solutions, and new enlightening awareness. Everything could change now. It is a new day.

On Sunday, Saturn will end its retrograde motion in late Virgo, and start its new initiative back into Libra this summer and into 2012. As it changes its direction to direct, Saturn assumes greater significance in the world consciousness right now. In the markets, Saturn is fear (Jupiter is greed). On Monday (Memorial Holiday in the USA, and markets will be closed), Neptune starts its multi-month retrograde journey. Thus Neptune is also to be highlighted in the collective conscience. Neptune pertains to hopes and wishes, but as well to gossip and rumor-mongering and misinformation (sometimes intentionally, for the purpose of causing embarrassment to one’s opponents). Together they can correlate with great diappointment, tears, or an effort o tear down one’s reputation via underhanded methods. Or they can coincide with a deeper understanding of spirtitual law. Both of these are powerful Level One signatures in the history of stock market reversals. Both have very strong correlations to the completion of primary cycles within 11 and 10 trading days respectively. Since the stock market has been coming down, we look for a primary cycle trough during this time band. It could have happened last week. Or there could yet be another 1000 point drop before this time band comes to an end, for with Jupiter and Uranus also involved, price moves are always more than we expect. But once it ends, look for a 1000 point rally or more to follow in the next few weeks, maybe even days.

We promised it would be a wild spring and summer. It’s just starting. And for those who aren’t emotionally attached to the events of the outer world over which they have little control, this can be an extremely exciting and creative time. On the other hand, if you are too emotionally attached, it could instead be a time of panic and erratic behavior. You may not have a choice in the events that happen in the world or in your personal life right now. But you do have a choice as to how emotionally attached you are to either, and hence how you will respond and what opportunities you will forge out of these experiences. Make the most out of them.

Longer-Term Thoughts

Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. Here we go through at least the first few days of September. With it will likely unfold a flurry of activity, accompanied by brilliant new thought and innovation. Everything will seem fast-paced, even chaotic. It is a new world, a new day, symbolized by Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. On the one hand, there will be displays of great confidence and hope, signified by Jupiter in Aries. On the other hand, there will also likely be outrageous displays of “macho-ism,” that wonderful American term that describes the male entity with too much desire to prove his brutish strength over others. It is interesting that in America these days, there is much attention being placed on the psychological impact of the “bully” when growing up. Bullying is a Martian term (of Mars, perhaps in association with Jupiter). Mars is the ruler of Aries, and soon-to-be temporary residence of Jupiter. North Korea lets loose a torpedo onto a South Korean ship and then promises to punish South Korea if anyone finds fault in this crass act of aggression. It is just the beginning. Boys who rule the world – or want to rule the world — are apt to want their macho-ism validated through intimidation of others. That is why the 84-year cycle of Uranus in Aries usually coincides with wars, or the build-up to wars.

But it is important in the history of stock markets too. As published in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Vol 2: Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles,” Uranus at the end of Pisces and into Aries coincides with long-term market troughs. In fact, the 4 cases of 72-year or greater cycles in British and U.S. stocks have taken place when Uranus was between 23 degrees of Pisces and 23 degrees of Aries. Did it already happen March 6-9, 2009, when Uranus was at 22 Pisces, just one degree before the sector in which this bottom has historically unfolded? We shall soon see.

And what we shall also see in the next couple of months, and even the whole next 1-2 years, is a possible transformation of the Federal Reserve Board. That is because it has its natal Sun at 1 degree Capricorn, and in opposition to its natal Pluto at 0 degrees of Cancer. As Jupiter and Uranus move together into Aries, they form a square to this FRB Sun-Pluto opposition. Perhaps that is why the bubble seems to be developing in the U.S. Treasuries, for aspects to the FRB chart correlate with the value of Treasury Bonds and notes. It will be most interesting in August when both Mars and Saturn move into Libra, opposite this Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, and forming a grand square to the FRB Sun-Pluto opposition. This is a signature of explosion or transformation, a symbol of termination or renewal. I wonder what was hidden that is to be revealed around that time? Maybe an audit would be in order after all, for whenever Pluto is involved, there is usually some sort of collusion or financial transaction that has been taking place that someone wants to keep hidden. If it comes out, it could pose a great danger to one in a position of power, or the one who made the discovery. And hence, it may never come out.

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