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Week Beginning September 14, 2009

Review and Preview

Raymond Merriman    Can you feel it? And just exactly what is that you feel? Is it the “fear” of the huge Saturn-Uranus opposition coming up, coinciding with this big slide down in the U.S. Dollar, and run-up to new yearly highs in precious metals and currencies against the Dollar? Is it the elation of Venus in translation – opposition — to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that is now taking place as stock markets around the world race to new yearly highs? Or is it the confusion generated by the rally in both metals and stocks at the same time, while the Dollar is falling along with Crude Oil and grain prices, during this young Mercury retrograde cycle (September 6-29)? How can these things be happening at the same time? Well, with Mercury retrograde you can throw the rules out of the book, and with Saturn in opposition to Uranus, financial markets (and world leaders) may once again be blindly approaching the precipice of cliff that they can’t even see right before their eyes, arguing all the time as they begin to step over the edge. If this makes sense to you, then you must be well-versed in Financial Astrology, for there is nothing else in the realm of logic that could possibly explain what is now happening… and about to happen in the next two months. It might be a great time to invest in parachutes, or electrically-run automobiles that can also fly and glide on the surface of water.

Nearly every world stock index we follow soared to its highest level since the Paulsen meltdown days of the last September-October. There were a couple of notable exceptions, such as in Japan, where the Nikkei still remained over 200 points below its cycle high of August 31. But that can be explained by the recent election in which the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) was voted out of power, a position it has held almost continuously since 1955. The Moscow Micex Index also failed to take out its high of June 2, but it did rally strongly the past two months as is within striking distance of that level again.

But the biggest stories were in the currency and precious metals markets. Gold closed above 1000 for the fist time since February, which is the only other time it has done this in its history outside of March 17, 2008. In other words, this is the third time it has happened. But I doubt it will be the last. The Euro currency soared to above 1.4600 for the first time since last December, while the U.S. Dollar fell to a new low for this year, down to 76.44. It is not far from its all-time low recorded in March 2008, and as the Dollar falls, more and more investors are starting to get very nervous, a “normal” reaction under Saturn-Uranus in opposition. In fact, there are a whole lot of things that should be making politicians, world leaders, and investors very nervous right now, for the symbolic meaning of Saturn and Uranus is “losing control,” as in “a sudden state of crisis.” It can be explosive, and with Pluto changing directions now, it can also be a very dangerous period. But which market (or government) is going to fall? Equities? Precious metals? Currencies against the Dollar? Crude Oil? The market is saying each could topple, but… that is not logical.

Welcome to the next chapter of “The Twilight Zone.” If you don’t have a spiritual practice, you are liable to fall into another portal, another dimension of sight, sound, and reality. Here, hold my hand. I am not going to fall over that cliff. I am going to buy a put option on gravity as a hedge against my long position on parachutes.

Short-Term Geocosmics and Longer-Term Thoughts

This will be one the most intense weeks for geocosmic activity this year. On Friday, September 11, Pluto turns stationary direct and Venus is in opposition to Jupiter. The first phenomenon is important because it means Pluto themes are highlighted during this period, +/- 10 days. Pluto pertains to death, debt, and taxes and once again the later two are the major sticking points in the attempt to pass a health care reform bill in the United States. Pluto rules reform, and it seems that both sides want a reform, but they can’t agree on the form of the reform. So the reform remains without a form (formless), and will probably end up deformed, as both sides tear one another down, with each side claiming the other needs to behave with more civility. How you can be civil when you think the other guy is leading you off a cliff?

The Venus-Jupiter opposition is part of the “translation” of Venus in opposition to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, in effect September 11-15. Prior translations to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction have coincided with rising markets and even crests, just as this one is doing. But the biggest signature of all is the third (of five) passage of the Saturn-Uranus opposition on September 15, followed by the translation of the Sun in conjunction to Saturn (opposite Uranus) on September 17. This translation too can coincide with a crest, for it is happening under a new moon the next day, September 18, which forms a favorable trine aspect to the natal Sun in the NYSE chart (May 17, 1792).

This combination of signatures can also represent a sudden turn in policies that could jolt financial markets, if not governments around the world as well. What would it be? With Uranus, you never know for certain, for it represents the dynamic of surprise and unexpected events, especially when in such a strong 45-year opposition aspect with Saturn. On the one hand, we note that both Iran and North Korea have made announcements in the past week about the advancement in their nuclear programs. North Korea, for example, said it is in the final stages of enriching uranium, which could put it right on the verge of making a nuclear bomb. Also U.S. officials announced this past week that Iran may already have enough enriched uranium to make a bomb, and thus wants to enact further sanctions against Iran unless it ends its nuclear-fueled program. But Russia has announced it will not support any further sanctions against Iran at this time, thus putting the USA — and Obama, following his high-profiled “cooperation” trip to Russia – in an awkward and embarrassing position. This will further strain the relations between Moscow and Washington, in a match of political wits in which the Kremlin leaders are clearly trumping Obama. As reported before, under Saturn-Uranus oppositions, the tensions between the USA and Russian leaders are usually escalating, not receding.

The other dangers under this current Saturn-Uranus opposition are related to the new moon (conjunct Saturn) and Mercury retrograde. The new moon in late Virgo indicates a push towards consensus on the part of government leaders, for this new moon is halfway through the zodiac (wish for consensus and agreement). New ideas are likely to be announced in the next 1-2 weeks, and in some regards, they will appear to be good ideas. But more than likely, the details won’t work smoothly, per Mercury Rx. If the parties involved are truly willing to compromise and modify these terms, then the bigger issues might still be resolved. But the danger is that everyone says this, yet no one really agrees to any substantial modifications, and hence the polarity of the opposition is likely to continue, with each side blaming the other for “lack of civility, lack of authenticity and sincerity.” They can see the faults in the other, but they refuse to recognize it in themselves. In psychology, we call this a case of “projection.”

How does this play out in the market place? Well, I suspect just as there are secret meetings behind closed doors taking place between government leaders, the same thing may be happening with banking leaders. The US Dollar is falling. There are dangers in this trend – danger that this decline may develop in to a full-out currency and banking crisis. With Saturn and Uranus, support and resistance may give way to breakouts that produce a sense of crisis, just as the full moon did in mid-September last year when it passed over the applying Saturn-Uranus opposition (that was when the economic crisis turned into a full fledged panic). Some financial markets, like precious metals and currencies against the dollar, may enter into a “blow-off stage. But just as quickly these banking leaders could meet and make a surprise announcement that ends the blow off and produces a very sudden reversal. The bottom line is that under Mercury retrograde and the new moon conjunct the Saturn in opposition to Uranus, get ready for anything. The next two weeks could produce another shock to the system, either geopolitically or economically, or both. Not to mention, of course, natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

One other note: oftentimes sharp reversals happen right in the middle of the Mercury retrograde time band. That would equate to September 18 this time around. That’s the new moon period at the end of this week. Mercury retrograde is not an easy time to be a position trader. So our Mercury retrograde rule of “taking profits too soon"(take them quickly) applies now.

© Raymond A. Merriman


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