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Week Beginning September 28, 2009

Review and Preview

Raymond MerrimanThe stock market finally broke last week. When slow moving planets as far out as Saturn and Uranus make an exact aspect, it can take up to 12 trading days before a reversal in some financial markets unfolds. In this case, it took six days afterwards. The third passage of the 45-year opposition aspect occurred on September 15, but it wasn’t until Wednesday of last week (September 23) that many of these indices finally gave began to break down. And now we watch to see how far this decline will be. Will the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummet about 2000 points in the next 3-4 weeks as it did in the first two passages of November 4 and February 5? Or will the decline be mild this time, given that the opposition took place during the retrograde Mercury time band (September 6-29), a cosmic phenomenon that oftentimes fails to produce the same results observed during prior geocosmic instances?

It is also interesting to note that not all world indices made new cycle highs last week before the break on Wednesday-Thursday. In Europe, the London FTSE and Swiss SMI indices did top out last Tuesday, September 22. But in the case of the Netherlands AEX and German DAX, the high last week was slightly lower than the highs of the prior week, thus creating a case intermarket bearish divergence in the part of the world. In Asia and the Pacific Rim, none of the indices we track made a new cycle high last week. The highs of September 17 held in the Australian All Ordinaries index, the Russian MICEX index, and Hang Seng of Hong Kong. Japan’s Nikkei index still has August 31 as the date of its high for this cycle. All these were tested last week, but none took out the prior highs. Yet in the Americas, all four indexes made new cycle highs last week. The DJIA, NASDAQ Composite and Merval of Argentina all made highs last Wednesday, while Brazil’s Bovespa made its cycle high on Tuesday. More disturbing than the cases on intermarket bearish divergence is the fact that the momentum oscillators in most of these markets are all turning down now too. But once again we have to ask: is this for real, or will be another fake out and trick of Mercury Rx, the cosmic trickster?

Other financial markets also broke last week, including precious metals, crude oil and foreign currencies against the Dollar. In fact, the key to understanding all of these moves is the possible reversal in the Dollar. As Saturn prepares to begin its hard aspect to Pluto October 29, 2009-August 21, 2010, in degrees that hit the chart of the Sun-Pluto opposition of Federal Reserve Board chart (December 23, 1913), there is reason to think that the U.S. Dollar is on the verge of an impressive reversal towards more strength, or a complete breakdown.

Short-Term Geocosmics

The idea that geocosmic signatures might be supportive of a strengthening in the US Dollar this week were discussed last week in relationship to transiting Venus too. As stated last week, “The next day (September 20), Venus will leave Leo and ingress into Virgo until October 14. Since Venus rules values – like money or currency – it is possible bankers could begin to initiate activities to support the Dollar, which is once again on the precipice of falling off the cliff, and starting a crisis.” The Euro and Swiss Franc may have ended important trends with their new cycle highs last Wednesday.

This week is important for many reasons related to Financial Astrology. First, Mercury ends its retrograde motion on September 29. This also begins yet another time band of heavily populated geocosmic signatures, lasting though October 16. In fact, in those 18 days, there are eight important aspects. Of most importance, however, may be the translation of Venus to the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square of October 9-15. Readers will note that the Sun just finished this same translation September 17-23 and that coincided with the highs for the year in most world equity indices, and the break that happened right at the end. The first thought is that perhaps the move down that just began could end October 9-15. But then a closer look at that period will reveal that the Sun will trine the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction October 10-16, while Jupiter ends its retrograde motion and goes stationary direct date on October 12. These later signatures would appear to be bullish, for the nature of Jupiter and Neptune is akin to “irrational exuberance.” However, as pointed out before, sometimes so much Jupiter and Neptune can coincide with periods of panic and hysteria, even when in a favorable trine aspect. Since the technical picture seems to be deteriorating, traders must be alert to this possible manifestation. And, as always when Neptune is in the picture, there is the possibility of questionable manipulative activity going on behind the scenes, devised in order to create an illusion of support that is not truly there.

Longer-Term Thoughts

Last week’s column approached the topic of national security and military possibilities, given the reversal in policies related to the shelving of the missile defense shield plans for Central Europe. I would like to elaborate on that a little more from the point of view of Mundane Astrology. In this study, Mars is the planet that relates to the military of a country. By progression, Mars has now turned retrograde in the chart of the United States (July 2, 1776), as of mid-2008. Mars will remain retrograde for approximately 78 years, which implies that the historical thrust of the USA military policy is entering a long stage of reversal. The collective urge to be less military-oriented, and more oriented to efforts designed to attain an era of world peace, is likely to grow as Mars is retrograde in the USA chart. But at the time of the progressed retrograde, both the “hawks” and the “doves” will likely commence a powerful schism in the USA psyche. The decisions of the past two weeks show this duality at work. Not only is the USA foregoing the building of the missile defense shield in Central Europe – a clear symbol of Mars retrograde – but it is now also going to re-evaluate its war strategy for the conflict in Afghanistan. Just a few weeks ago, it was called a “War of Necessity.” Now there is a re-evaluation going in as to whether or not to send more troops to the battlefield, as originally planned. This too is a symptom of progressed Mars retrograde, and the change of mind happened as well under Mercury retrograde. Generally-speaking, decision as important as this made under Mercury retrograde will, be altered again.

But what I mostly want to point out this week is that transiting Mars will enter its 26-month retrograde cycle on December 20, 2009, and it will last through March 10, 2010. The USA could be in a very critical credibility period at that time regarding its military intentions and policies. I see two possibilities here. Either the War in Afghanistan is about to take a major turn in military offense, with the purpose of turning to tide around by Christmas, or else these changes will be stalemated until around that time, and then a major military offense will begin. As a Mundane Astrologer, the more successful course would probably be the former, and then complete the missions before Mars goes retrograde. The danger is continuing any military offenses after Mars turns retrograde, for one can get bogged down in frustrating delays and resistance that turns the momentum around. More troublesome, however, would be the start a military offensive after Mars goes retrograde, for one of our rules is that whoever is the aggressor under Mars retrograde is usually the loser.

The United States, and in fact the entire world, is on the verge of entering yet another powerful geocosmic period. It is building up to Mars retrograde, but even this is just one of the many signatures within the greater umbrella of the Cardinal Climax, involving the T-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto that is in effect 2008-2015. This can be a very dangerous time, with the potential of seeing anything from a very destructive military conflict to yet another severe financial crisis. Or it can be the turning point, turning from the fear of war and terrorism to a movement that has the potential to lead to a prolonged period of world peace. We are in the thick of it right now, and it will be most interesting, as students of geocosmic studies, to see the military developments that unfold between now and mid-December, especially coming out the USA.

© Raymond A. Merriman


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